Texense FPS-V2 Fluid Pressure Sensor
Texense FPS-V2 Fluid Pressure Sensor

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


The Texense FPS-V2 fluid pressure sensor offers a light weight, compact, elegant design, an operating temperature range between -40 to 125°C and a pressure range with customization of up to 4000 bar. The FPS-V2 can be used for all your pressure measurements in motorsport vehicles at a very affordable price.

The robust technology of this sensor allows for all types of fluids pressure measurements to be made accurately and precisely. The two commonly available senor pressure ratings are the 10 BAR (145 PSI) mainly used for engine related pressures and the 100 BAR (1450 PSI) used mainly for brake pressure.

The built-in electronics deliver an output signal of 0 to 5 V
The standard pressure connection is 3/8-24 (-3) equivalent to a dash three.
The steel sensor weight is 60g.
Accuracy of less than 0.5% differential to the full scale model.

FPS-V2 Datasheet