Texense GYRP3-SF 3 Axis Gyroscope
Texense GYRP3-SF 3 Axis Gyroscope

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


This gyroscope allows the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle to be interpreted and checked by giving the 3 angular speeds. Yaw, Pitch and Roll. Compact Housing Internal Filter.

Texense GYRN3-S-F Datasheet

Its compact size and squared shape is ideal to enable the installation for embedded testing.

The compensation temperature up to 105°C enables our gyroscope to be used in extreme conditions.

Customer selects with order the range of each of the axis.

Example :

50°/s for the pitch, 100°/s for the Yaw and 150°/s for the Roll.

This would cover most of the applications in Single-seaters, Touring Cars, Rallye, Endurance and Motorbikes.

The design allows our accelerometer range (1,2 or 3 axis) to be fitted on the gyroscope housing to build your inertial box.