Texense IB6-CAN-V2- IMU
Texense IB6-CAN-V2- IMU

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


After the success of Texense's analog version, they're happy to release their new 6-axis IMU with CAN output.

Texense IB6-CAN-V2 Datasheet

*NOTE: If you can't find your desired variant, please let us know which one you want, & we'll get it for you.

The electronic of this CAN unit is based on our analog IMU so composed by:

    - 2 axis gas accelerometer for lat/long measurement
    - 1 axis cap accelerometer for vertical measurement
    - 3 times single axis gyroscope

Different ranges are available (see spec sheet). Also, on request, Texys is able to provide a customized version with full gas damped or capacitive technologies.

The CAN parameters are programmable by the end user (IDs, baudrate, emission frequency)