Texense XN4 Strain Gauge Amplifier

Type: Sensors
Vendor: Texense


This new Texense XN4 amplifier is an upgrade of our current XN3 amplifier.

XN4 Datasheet

The big improvements on the XN4 compare to our XN3 are:

    => Gain and Offset are now programmable even if XN4 is not linked to Strain Gauges. (Offset is programmable in mV and Gain in 1/10 ( Gain from 70 to 1250)
    => Offset value from 0 to 5V
    => Ouptut signal can increase or decrease under load
    => No need to apply a force to program a Gain 
   => Temperature compensation is now in time basis, from 2 to 12hours
    => Compensation table values can be edited
    => Working temperature is now from -20 to +125°C (instead of 0 to +120°C for the XN3)
    => Noise reduction

Most of the amplifier parameters (as gain and offset) are programmable by the end user just via a USB Connect and a laptop.